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I never posted the Cameo series from last spring.  These pieces are made by 90% sustainable materials.  I researched “Mourning Jewelry” and the history of the Cameo.  The woman’s profile is that of my Grandmother, Margaret Ashworth.  It is from a photo of the 1940’s of her at the beach.  The first one is a shell, fur, gold thread, glass beads and gold wire.  The second piece is silver sheet, gold leaf, glass beads, fur and gold wire and chain.  The final piece is all man-made from a milk jug, tiny nuts, different turfs, a reflector

and a metal piece for the brooch, gosh, I cannot remember the name of the damn thing…

I am now researching portrait miniatures and hair jewelry.  Now having horses I am creating samples of weaving that…more later.



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It has been a wicked long time…

I moved from Savannah to Register, GA just before my Grad show.  I live in a 200 yr. old farm-house with a wonderful man named David.  He converted the families grain silo into a studio space for me.  Nothing like working in the round.  It is not finished yet as we will be finishing the second floor in the spring.

I have begun to work on my cameos again and will start to post accordingly…

Getting the Gallery Ready…

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These are the designs for my pedestals that I gave my Brother, Gregg Ashworth.  I wanted them to be able to come apart for easy storage.  He out did himself in design and fabrication!  Thanks Gregger!!


















Finished pedestals in S.C. awaiting delivery the afternoon of the show…

Blankspace Gallery



















This small box holds all my work…












Tara and Impca inspect lighting.












First piece placed.










Cindy is cleaning for my OCD tendencies!












My brother unloading pedestals.












Cindy and Laurie sign in before the show.

I will be posting the show photos in the next week, check back to see them!

Finished Pieces…

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These are the final pieces for the show…

I have photoed them on black, they will be on their pillow for the presentation of the collection.











These brooches are the size of your finger.  They illustrate how we store or house our losses throughout life.











These are slightly bigger than the brooches above.  They show how we react to our loses in life.












Badge of Loss

This is a chatelaine style brooch with compartmentalization vessels that dangle from the ancient style fibula (pin or brooch).










Albatross of Loss

This is a pendant and larger than the other pieces, it is about the size of your hand, in the last post there of pics of the construction.

It is precariously hangs from a crocheted wool cord that hits mid torso. It shows how loss can get in our way at various times.













This piece is my greatest life loss.












showing you the size…










Life’s Loss

This is the largest work and each viewer will be able to leave with a “piece of loss” as a thank you for participating in the show.










My Losses

This vessel is organic in form to represent us as organic beings and the tiny vessels inside are the compartmentalization of the man made forms of loss.













I put this work in the collection to show where this all came from…


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I am going to post some pics of the process of making my collection…

What Kind of Pieces?

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I needed to break down my designs for the collection and how many there would be.  I wanted several of them to be brooches and attempted to work out different mechanisms for them.  The one that was most successful was a piece of steel implanted in the clay before it was fired.  Each firing was at 1600 degrees.  This is supposed to be the melting point of steel, but some how it was not affected and still had enough spring to be functional.  So this was the way the brooches would be made.










Once I had solved the brooch mechanisms I went on to design the various pieces in the collection.

Rough Sketches











These initial sketches have been changed and altered since there inception.






I knew I wanted to have a few sets of brooches…

Man-made: reflecting compartmentalization of loss we do as humans.

Organic: reflecting how we as humans react or internalize loss.

Chatelain: a badge or cluster of vessels reflecting the loss of someone.

Broken pieces: A large vessel would be made and broken into small pieces.  Each fragment would be created into a brooch that the viewer       would take with them.  Each person would have a segment of the loss the large vessel suffered.

The last three pieces would be more sculptural.  I decided not to create the installation work in the left hand portion of the sketch.

I changed the form of the bowl that would hold the small vessels inside.  I wanted to bowl to be organic in configuration, human if you will. The small man-made vessels are how we tuck and put away our losses.  The piece is ment to communicate how we compartmentalize our losses.

Organic BowlSide view of Organic Bowl









These are photos of the forms in progress.



More to come in the next post…

Sept 09

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I wanted to continue with the idea of Loss and the method I was using to express it for my Master’s of Art final show.  I began to research ceramic forms that were ancient and contemporary.

ancient images

pierced and cutsplitting

reconstructing All these pieces were helping me research the shape, form, and various ways to cut, split, extrude and reconstruct the earthen ware I planned to use.

I began to experiment with more organic forms.

organic I organic II

organic IIIorganic IV

organic V The reason for the organic forms was to create the idea of us, as the organic being   that has suffered a Loss.  The class feed-back was that I needed to rework the  forms as they were too floral.